Human beings have a great desire to see the unseen and know the unknown. Bearing the desire in mind, the journey of conquering the Mars begins. BRACU Mongol-tori is a refractory pioneer towards the journey. It is one of the strongest competitors in URC (University Rover Challenge) competition held in Hanksville, Utah, United States. Last year in total 35 bots got the golden ticket to get into the competition among which BRACU Mongol-tori was one, which became 13th in the final round with 100/100 marks in science task project. There are some tasks in which the bot’s fluency differentiated it from other competitors. Among them, Equipment Servicing Task, Autonomous Traversal Task, Science Task, On-board Lab Task, Extreme Retrieval & Delivery Task are so much unique capabilities of the rover. With the financial support of some organizations and more enthusiasm of the team members, the rover is getting more and more advanced day by day. The advancement of the rover in near future will shrink the relative distance between the earth and the Mars. Then, it will not anymore be an unreal dream of keeping steps on the Mars.


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